The Builders — Event Spotlight: TOKEN2049

We are pleased to announce TOKEN2049 as our event partner! The conference will take place on 13-14 March 2019 in Hong Kong. 2,000+ attendees, including 100+ speakers and 100+ journalists, are expected to participate.

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Introduce yourself to the reader:

My name is Christopher Strauch, I’m the Co-Host of TOKEN2049. I’m based in Australia and come from a Finance background, having studied Business and worked in Investment Banking, before finding a path into the entrepreneurial scene. Building several startups in Asia eventually led me more to the Venture Capital industry, and over the last 2 years, into crypto – where I’ve been investing through our dedicated investment fund, Alice Capital. Building and investing in Fintech companies, around 2015, we started to see more pitches coming in related to Bitcoin, and in 2016, with the launch of Ethereum, the scope of investable businesses started to look broader. At this point, after investing privately, the amount of talent and interesting ideas coming out of the blockchain space made it compelling to set up an investment fund.

From 2016, I spent a lot of time travelling around, meeting people at conferences, and realised that while there are thriving crypto ecosystems around Asia, they don’t really talk to each other. We saw that a lot of key players in the US and Europe were also interested in Asia. With that in mind, we saw a great opportunity to build something in Asia, that would better connect the Asian crypto scene from within, and also with the rest of the world. TOKEN2049 became our way of achieving this.

What is the purpose of your conference/event?

The upcoming TOKEN2049 takes place 13-14 March 2019 in Hong Kong, and will explore the token economy in-depth. Our mission is to shine a light on the global developments of the crypto asset class while taking a unique and widening perspective on the token industry and its opportunities.

We want to connect the leading investors, developers, communities, governments, and enterprises, so that they can exchange ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences, while working towards a common goal of a thriving blockchain ecosystem.

We also want to celebrate the achievements of the industry, and look forward to how the next 12 months might develop.

Who are you trying to attract to the conference?

We want to attract blockchain enthusiasts and industry veterans alike, whether they are investors, entrepreneurs, developers, communities, or regulators. This is why we bring together the leading voices in the crypto sphere to join us as speakers; why we partner with the top organizations in the space; and why we support communities – for example  we’re powering Ethereum Asia SuperMeetup, which is the world’s largest Ethereum Meetup.

Can you name a few of the featured speakers?

Some of our 100+ speakers include:

  • Charlie Lee (Creator of Litecoin)
  • Bill Barhydt (Founder & CEO of Abra)
  • Saifedean Ammous (Author of “The Bitcoin Standard”)
  • Dovey Wan (Founding Partner of Primitive Ventures)
  • Justin Sun (Founder & CEO of TRON)
  • Mance Harmon (Co-Founder & CEO of Hedera Hashgraph)
  • Max Kordek (President of Lisk)
  • Xinshu Dong (Co-Founder & CEO of Zilliqa)

Can you tell us about the program?

TOKEN2049 will have a 2-day programme. The event takes place at the 5-star Kerry  Hotel (Shangri-la Group), and will have two parallel tracks. The tracks will be divided up between panels and keynotes.

Some of our awesome panels include: “Crypto Analysts: When Moon?” – where some of the industry’s top analysts like Arjun Balaji and Murad Mahmudov will try to show us a way out of the current bear market; and “The Push Towards A Billion Crypto Users”, where pioneering companies like Abra and ConsenSys will share their insights about the road to mass adoption.

We will also have the unique chance to hear keynotes such as “Bitcoin: The Big Picture”, from Saifedean Ammous – and a “Fireside Chat” with Charlie Lee, where he will share his take on the current state of the crypto and blockchain industry.

Beyond the core schedule, TOKEN2049 is set to be epic: attendees will enjoy sweeping views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, 5* food, drink and catering from the Kerry Hotel, an exclusive film screening of the documentary “Cryptopia”, access to Ethereum Asia SuperMeetup with Vitalik Buterin, as well as a full schedule of events from 11-17 March during Asia Crypto Week (

What influencers and what media will be at the conference?

We expect 2,000+ attendees, including 100+ speakers and 100+ journalists. All of our speakers are C-levels or founders that are shaping the future of the token-based economy – and have a big influence and following. Some of them include Charlie Lee, Saifedean Ammous, Dovey Wan, Tone Vays, and many more. Our conference also attracts podcasters and influencers like Peter McCormack (What Bitcoin Did), The CryptoLark, and other KOLs in the space. And of course the event receives coverage from top international and local (Hong Kongese) media – including Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, South China Morning Post etc.

Are there any side events?

TOKEN2049 will be part of Asia Crypto Week, which lasts from 11-17 March. Many of our attendees will be staying in Hong Kong the full week, to make the most of the chance to meet people from all parts of the industry, from all over the world.

Some of the most notable side events are:

  • Tone Vays Trading Workshop on 9 March
  • Ethereum SuperMeetup with Vitalik Buterin on 13 March
  • Cryptopia Film Screening on 14 March
  • TOKEN2049 Closing Event on 14 March

And many more – including some that are yet-to-be announced. Check out and for more.

What do you expect of the coming conference?

We expect that the 2019 edition will bigger, better and busier than our event in March 2018 – meaning that it will double in size, with a dedicated exhibition area for partners, an additional stage to accommodate a second track, additional meeting spaces, and extended lunch and breakout areas. This, in conjunction with all the additional events taking place, will make for an unforgettable week in Hong Kong.

What do you do after the conference?

Hong Kong is an amazing city, and if you’re planning to join us for TOKEN2049, I absolutely recommend for you to spend at least the full week from 11-17 March. After the TOKEN2049 Closing Event on 14 March, the week will continue in full swing, with additional Security Tokens conferences and seminars, as well as Startup Workshops, as part of Asia Crypto Week. These will be a great place to network and learn more. Hong Kong has a fantastic nightlife, and also beautiful surroundings – it definitely makes sense to go on a relaxing hike up Victoria Peak, especially after a night out in Lan Kwai Fong.

What would you wish attendees do more at the conference?

More than anything, we want our attendees to make the most of the event – whether this is projects connecting with new investors, or finding talented new hires; whether it’s individuals learning from the stellar speakers, or you’re just there to have fun, take a selfie with the TOKEN2049 Llamacorn, and enjoy the food, drinks and views on offer. TOKEN2049 is a venue for discussion and debate: when the panels and keynotes go into Q&A, take the opportunity to ask the key opinion leaders on stage the most pressing questions on your mind.

Anything else you want to share to the reader?

For everything you need to know, these are your resources:

See you there!

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The ZILLA Team

Mar, 4

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