The Builders — Media Spotlight: Bitsonline

Introduce yourself to the reader:

We’re an independent blockchain/cryptocurrency news site that started in early 2017. Our management is a team who have worked for foundational industry news sites like CoinDesk,, CCN, and others — who share a common interest in quality news reporting and staying above special interests. We advocate only the technology and the new economic spirit that created it.

Our owners/managers are based in the USA, Japan, and China, and our reporters work from Asia, Australia, USA, and Europe.

What makes you different from other media?

For us it’s important to stay independent of “special interests” — that is, we don’t push any one type of blockchain technology at the expense of others and report disputes objectively, without criticizing any “sides”. Our readers value that kind of reporting and we’ve seen our readership grow from nothing to over 5 million pageviews a month in less than two years.

Any specific content you look for to write about?

We mostly cover blockchain and cryptocurrency news, though this often involves related issues like security, privacy, law/regulation, politics and economics. We cover whatever issues people are talking about at any given moment, whether it’s Bitcoin, ICOs, smart contracts, protocols, or other topics.

We like to report on issues affecting all markets, though about 80% of our current readership is in the USA. We’re always looking for new readers in other places.

What is the most read article on your website?

It’s a story from May 2018 about former JPMorgan employees launching Clovyr (167,000+ views).

Any top read exclusive articles in 2018?

Some of our top-read stories from 2018 were:

Generally, stories about bitcoin price trends tend to get more views, however readers are also interested in our analysis, in-depth coverage, and new technologies.

In your opinion, what is the biggest news in the crypto industry in in 2018?

Broadly speaking it’s the “bear market” that has seen the crypto market cap diminish greatly across the board, and how that is affecting the work people do in the space. More specifically, the Bitcoin Cash fork/split has had a big impact due to its effect on the industry’s image, and the questions it raised about development practices, charismatic figureheads, and how important decisions are made.

Do you have any predictions for 2019?

We can only predict that thousands of people will continue to build blockchain infrastructure, and the technology will find use cases the public hasn’t thought of yet.

What was the best blockchain event that you attended in 2018?

Hard to say — the biggest ones were the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) in Miami and Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul. But we like events that organize plenty of side activities for networking and fun; the CoinAgenda (Transform Group) and Beyond Blocks people do this well.

Do you plan on attending any events in 2019?

Absolutely, these events are where all the interesting discussions happen and new ideas get discovered. It’s vital for any serious news organization to attend a wide range of events.

Anything else you want to share to the reader?

Keep building. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies aren’t going away and the industry will continue to grow no matter what the markets are like. Bitcoin has been around for over 10 years now, proving it’s not just a fad. There will be bubbles, discoveries, failures and successes, hype and blunders, along the way — but these are necessary for any new technology to find its place in the world. People need to be better informed so they can make better decisions, so we’ll be there to cover it all, of course.

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The ZILLA Team

Feb, 12

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The Builders — Event Spotlight: Chain Plus Singapore Station

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The Builders — Event Spotlight: TEAMZ Blockchain Summit

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is a gathering that brings together the smartest minds and innovators in blockchain. In addition to top talent, the summit will be joined by leading investors, VC’s, exchanges, funds, and the biggest media brands in the industry.

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The Builders — Event Spotlight: World Blockchain Tour Tokyo

I’m Yuichi Honda, the CEO of Blockfanz inc. Blockfanz inc. is the main organizer of WBT Tokyo. We focus on business development in the blockchain space.

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The Builders — Event Spotlight: NEO Game Conference

We believe that game is a good scenario for the blockchain as it helps developers and ordinary people understand the blockchain.

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The Builders — Event Spotlight: TOKEN2049

We are pleased to announce TOKEN2049 as our event partner! The conference will take place on 13-14 March 2019 in Hong Kong.

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The Builders — Media Spotlight: CryptoLingo

CryptoLingo is a blockchain technology consultancy and digital media marketing agency based out of London, New York and Seoul.

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The Builders — Founders Spotlight: Loopring

Loopring is a protocol for building decentralized exchanges. Besides the protocol smart contracts, Loopring provides higher liquidity and price improvement by matching orders in the form of order-rings.

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The Builders — Media Spotlight: Micky

Micky has become Australia’s number one cryptocurrency and news website, with a rapidly growing audience. In December 2018, Micky attracted 61,000 unique visitors from around the world and nearly 200,000 page views.

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The Builders — Event Spotlight: TokenomX

Organized by Yellow, TokenomX will be held at the Athénée Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand on 27-28th February, 2019. You can now view the conference information and purchase tickets with crypto on ZILLA app!

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The Builders — Media Spotlight: Bitsonline

We’re an independent blockchain/cryptocurrency news site that started in early 2017. Our management is a team who have worked for foundational industry news sites like CoinDesk,, CCN, and others -- who share a common interest in quality news reporting and staying above special interests.

Feb, 12

The Builders — People Spotlight: Roger Ver

I’m Roger Ver, the world’s first investor in the crypto currency ecosystem, and currently the CEO of I split my time between St Kitts in the Caribbean, and Tokyo Japan. I first met Abasa through some mutual friends in Tokyo.

Dec, 25

The Builders — Founders Spotlight: Loyakk

Loyakk has built the world's 1st tokenized data container to secure business interactions and transactions - enable enterprises to collaborate & share data with partners resulting in improved security, efficiency & governance.

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The Builders — Founders Spotlight: NeoPlace

We use Blockchain to lower cost barriers and increase protection and transparency for small sellers, and help them reach consumers directly, anywhere in the world.

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Destream is the first blockchain-based donation platform and financial ecosystem for streaming industry. We help streamers to earn more revenue and discover new revenue channels.

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VReS is a platform for VR, that will host the types of games that have the potential to become eSports- highly competitive, addictive, and unlike conventional eSports- using your body’s natural reflexes.

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The Builders — Founders Spotlight: Pareto Network

The Pareto Network helps traders generate Alpha - profits - for their portfolio by incentivizing an exclusive data feed of market moving information.

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The Builders — Founders Spotlight: Stacktical

Stacktical is a platform that helps service providers offer performance and reliability guarantees to their customers and automatically compensate them when agreed service levels are not met, using service level agreements on the blockchain.

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