WTF Are GD Tokens and What the Heck Is a Snapshot?

Many of you have asked about GD token and the snapshot that we do every 3 months. We heard you! Please read through this post. As more features and benefits of GD token are being developed, we will update this post.

What is GD token?

GD token is the sub-token of ZLA token. There are only 5,000,000 GD tokens.

What is the point of GD token?

GD token holders will be benefited when they use features on the app. For example, we are coming up with benefits for those who purchase event tickets on our event platform. More details will be announced soon. After these benefits are released GD tokens will be listed on an exchange.

How can I be eligible for the GD token snapshot?

You are required to hold at least 1,500 ZLA at the time of the snapshot. You may make as many ZLA transactions as you would like between 2 snapshots but need to hold at least 1,500 when the next snapshot occurs (we take a snapshot every 3 months). The amount of GD tokens you receive based on the previous snapshot rather than the most recent one. For every 1,500 ZLA, you will receive 2 GD tokens.

Please note that you are required to hold your ZLA on the blockchain meaning on a wallet which you own, such as ZILLA Wallet, and not on an exchange.

What is a snapshot?

A snapshot is when we record all of the ZLA holders on the Ethereum blockchain. We need this data to decide who to distribute GD tokens to.

How often does GD token snapshot happen?

GD token snapshot happens once every three months. The last one was on March 31st, 2019. Please join our Telegram channel to stay updated!

How much are GD tokens worth?

2 GD = 1,500 ZLA, in other words, 1 GD = 750 ZLA

How can I add GD token on ZILLA Wallet?

Once you open ZILLA Wallet, you can search and add GD token. Please note that GD token will appear in the “unlisted” section.

Do I need to use ZILLA Wallet for the snapshot?

While it is recommended that you use ZILLA Wallet since we support GD token without any additional work, any Ethereum wallet works where you are in control of the private keys or recovery phrase works.

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Apr, 19

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WTF Are GD Tokens and What the Heck Is a Snapshot?

Many of you have asked about GD token and the snapshot that we do every 3 months. We heard you!

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Announcement – September 18th: Wallet & KYC Release

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Sep, 18

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